Odegaard is proud to be a Norwegian child idol to follow in his footsteps

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Arsenal midfielder Martin Odegaard talks about serving at the club To return to kick back to his homeland, Norway, found Bodo / Glimt in the Europa League (Oct 13) that life has come a long way. Because the last time he fought this opponent was 8 years ago.

Odegaard was Norway’s child prodigy when he made his big debut. Strom god set A friendly ufabet game at the age of 13 and a chance to kick the Norwegian Tippelikan against Bodo/ Glimt two years later.  

The clock ticks for him, at the age of 23, to return to his hometown to duel Bodo / Klimt as ‘ Cannon ‘ captain to reminisce about the old days.

” Senior debut 10 years ago is still well remembered, ” Martin said.

“ I was still a child at that time. Even now, I still feel young – it’s been 8-10 years, a good time. Playing football , having fun playing games , enjoying the life of what I love. ”

“ It’s a really great hour. Everything went by very quickly. It’s really fun, there’s nothing more to describe than that. ”  

” It’s not the first time coming back to my homeland because I’ve been to the Norwegian U21 national team or the senior team, but for a rival club it’s my first time. ” 

Odegaard ‘s name when he moved to Real Madrid at the age of 16 was hilarious, but growing up as Arsenal captain created more acceptance, especially among youngsters.  

“ There are children waiting in front of the field , training ground nearby. Seeing all the Arsenal shirts, it ‘s nice to see such a welcome. I hope to come together in the field of competition. Help create a great atmosphere again. ” 

“ I think the fans here are lovely. Going to the Emirates Stadium was doing really well , looking forward to the game to absorb that atmosphere again. ”

Asian Handicap Arsenal per half -10, total score of three